Westhaven Marina is located on the western edge of Auckland Central Business District. It's immediately recognisable as one of Auckland's famous icons and it's the heart of boating in Auckland. 


Here are some facts about Westhaven Marina:

  • It’s home to over 2,000 boats including privately owned yachts and launches, of all shapes and sizes, making it one of the biggest marinas in the world, and the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Four yacht clubs are based here, as well as the Ponsonby Sailing School, the Auckland Dragon Boat Club, the Etchell Fleet, and Sailability, for people with disabilities - it really is the heart of Auckland boating and many America’s Cup and world champion sailors have started their careers at Westhaven
  • Its commercial pier, the Z Pier charterbase, is home to more than 50 charter operators and is the gateway to the gulf for many thousands of Aucklanders each year  
  • Westhaven was founded in the 1940s when the Auckland landscape looked very different and it continues to grow and develop to meet the requirements of future generations of boaties
  • It’s also one of the most idyllic places in Auckland to ride a bike, walk a dog, or picnic and home to several excellent cafes and restaurants