Buy a Berth

Panuku Development Auckland does not directly offer marina berth licences for sale at Westhaven, but from time to time existing licence holders offer licences for sale for the remainder of the licence term.


A marina berth broker, or one of Westhaven’s boat brokers, will best be able to assist with your enquiries. Leaseholders occasionally advertise the berth themselvess on trading sites or classified listing sites. 

When buying a berth, please note that the extreme dimensions of the vessel must be within the berth licence dimensions. Marina berth licences can’t be issued under a trust’s name, however they can be issued to individual trustees of the trust. 

A transfer fee applies, and all berth licences are subject to the approval of Westhaven Marina. Before you progress we recommend that you review the Opex fees for the current year, and the Trust Deeds.