The Forum

The Westhaven Plan drafted in 2012 and published in 2013 is the masterplanning document, from today through to 2026 and beyond. It aims to create Westhaven as a world class marina, while opening up the marina for all Aucklanders to enjoy. 


This section of the Westhaven website is for boat owners and berth license holders, to provide proactive information about the management of Westhaven Marina. To keep in touch with our stakeholders, we also undertake the following:

  • Regular meetings will be held for Berth Entitlement User (BEU) leaseholders to communicate with their trustees and with management on financial and operational matters.  
  • Panuku Development Auckland’s regular stakeholder information sessions address development and change at the Marina as the Westhaven Plan is implemented. These have been held in various forms for several years, from the commencement of early consultation on the Westhaven Plan. Invitations are issued to all of our email newsletter subscribers - please ensure you are receiving these. 
  • We also work closely with the Westhaven Marina Users Association.