Meeting Dates

Panuku Development Auckland believes in informing and consulting with interested members of the Westhaven community about how the marina is managed, and its strategic direction. 

There are several opportunities for berth holders, tenants, and users of the marina to become involved:

Westhaven Meetings

Westhaven meetings are held regularly to update attendees on the Westhaven Plan and operational matters. An invitation and agenda will be issued by email closer to the time of the next event. 

Berth Licence Holder (BEU) Forums

We also have special invitation-only meetings for Berth Licence Holder (BEU) holders each year. These are an opportunity to present the annual report, and to discuss strategic direction, consult on changes, and address questions or concerns with Westhaven Marina Limited (WML) as Corporate Trustee. BEU holders are invited to these meetings by email

  • Previous WML Trustees Meeting was held 16 August 2019
  • Next WML Meeting is is scheduled for August 2020
  • The Westhaven Marina Ltd Annual Report will be emailed to all Berth Licence Holders on or before 15 December 2019 (Subject to receiving audited accounts)

Corporate Trustee Meetings

Finally, any BEU holder wishing to present an idea or to ask a marina-related question of the Corporate Trustee, can attend a meeting of the Corporate Trustees. 

BEU holders wishing to attend these meetings should register that interest with the Board Secretary by Contacting Panuku Reception on telephone 09 336 8820.

Should any BEU holder wish to speak to any specific agenda item, this should be indicated when registering interest and time slots, not exceeding 10 minutes each, will be allocated for deputations at the commencement of the Meeting.

To arrange to speak at a Board meeting, please contact us

2019 Minutes

Minutes of April 2019 meeting

Minutes of August 2019 meeting

Minutes of November 2019 meeting 

Westhaven Marina licence proposed amendments

Panuku (manager) on behalf of Auckland Council (owner) is undertaking the process to amend the current marina berth licence for both the Westhaven (Marina Extension) Trust and the Westhaven (Existing Marina) Trust (Westhaven Trusts). 

The suggested amendments to the Westhaven Marina berth licences are to reflect the continued development of Westhaven Marina as a world class marina. The existing berth licences have been in place in the same form for many years and have not been updated to reflect the manner in which the marina is used by berth holders.   

The proposed changes include: 

 (a) Permitting non-recreational boats to use selected berths within the Marina;  

 (b) The introduction of a user pays regime for utilities in the Marina;  

 (c) Allowing berth holders to sublet their marina berths for 12 months or more; and  

 (d) Permitting "Live on Board" at Panuku's discretion. 

The process undertaken to date is that Panuku informed berth entitlement unit (BEU) holders of the proposed amendments on 16 March 2020 and requested feedback by 14 April 2020. Delays to the process ensued due to the first Covid-19 lockdown from 19 March – 8 June 2020.

Once in level one, a meeting to vote was scheduled for 24 September 2020 at the Ponsonby Cruising Club and this date is still proposed. However, a BEU forum which was scheduled to happen before voting takes place has been delayed due to the second Covid-19 lockdown. 

At this forum BEU’s will be invited to discuss the proposed amendments, and a date will be set and communicated to BEU's when it is safe to do so under alert level one.