Operational Objectives

Since the 1940s Westhaven Marina has provided a safe haven for boats of all kinds. Today it is home to over 2,000 boats, a community of clubs and watersports users, a range of supporting services and marine infrastructure. 

Westhaven Marina’s wider strategic vision and objectives are described in the Westhaven Plan, and centre around creating a marina that is blue-green, connected, supportive of marine industries, publicly accessible, and liveable. 

How we deliver services to boat owners is driven by a desire to create an exemplar marina, that meets the needs of current and future generations of boaties, from the grassroots up. This means that we take a long term, responsible view in all of our decisions.

Panuku Development Auckland undertakes to deliver Westhaven berth holders with a service that is underpinned by the following objectives: 

  • To provide and manage a quality inner-city marina which meets the needs and expectations of boat owners and the marine industry generally while also providing an environment and facilities which can be enjoyed by visitors to the marina. 
  • To continuously seek real improvements in the marina, the facilities and services offered, the marina surrounds, and  the management of water space within Westhaven generally for the benefit of boat owners, Westhaven yacht clubs, the marine industry generally and visitors to the marina.
  • To provide affordable, safe berthage to lessees and renters alike, in a range of berth sizes with adequate car parking reserved for boat owners near their pier gates. 
  • To provide a vigilant and effective security service over the marina area on a 24/7 basis.
  • To seek responsible environmental measures that will minimise the affect we have on our local environment, in particular relating to water quality. 
  • To ensure that surpluses from berth income, once an appropriate return on assets is delivered, is reinvested in the marine operations of the marina -- and that costs associated with public facilities are not met only by boat owners but financed via Auckland Council either wholly or pro-rata, and/or by private enterprise activities within the marina. 
  • To maintain and encourage collaboration and communication between the management of the marina and boat owners, Westhaven’s Yacht Clubs, the marine industry, harbour users generally and interested members of the public.
  • To help support and develop our sport and our community by the means that we have available.