Utility Charges and New Pedestals

In 2014-15 Westhaven Marina completed a marina-wide upgrade of pedestals to measure the supply of electricity and water to each berth, and moved to a user-pays approach to these services.

  • It is fairer: the pedestals enable boat owners to pay fairly for their actual water and electricity consumption. Until now, owners have paid a rate that is based on an estimated average, calculated according to berth size, which has meant that low consumers have subsidized high consumers. 
  • It reduces consumption of power and water throughout the marina: International marinas have informed us that moving to user-pays services, could reduce consumption by vessels by around 40%. This is far more sustainable. 
  • It removes electricity and water from operating expenses, and income collected from these services will be returned to the OPEX fund, for reinvestment in the marina.  We expect that most vessels will ultimately be paying less for power and water, and therefore savings will benefit the berth holder, but there will be a period of adjustment this financial year until exact usage and savings are recognised. 
  • We constantly monitor all costs to keep Westhaven affordable and in excellent condition. Westhaven Marina's OPEX fees are very reasonable when compared to other marinas in the Auckland region. At the end of the 2015/16 financial year we will know more accurately what the savings are, and they will be reflected in the annual audited accounts. 
  • Prior to this, some high use customers (mainly three phase) are already being charged for use. 
  • If you are concerned about your power consumption, please take steps to reduce it if necessary. Just like at home, this might include turning off dehumidifiers and fridges/freezers or other appliances when not needed, or installing timers.