Pile Mooring Redevelopment

With Westhaven Marina operating at full capacity there is a growing demand for new berths in Auckland. One of the solutions outlined in the 2013 Westhaven Plan in is the Pile Mooring Redevelopment, which will see the creation of new modern marina berths in the waterspace currently occupied by the pile berths in the north eastern corner of the marina, as well as the development of a new headland in the northern part of the marina. 

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Changing demand FOR BERTHAGE

Pile berths have traditionally been an important part of Westhaven as an alternative to floating berths. More recently however the moorings which are only accessible via dinghy, have becoming increasingly underused. Pontoon berths on the other hand are at full capacity and there is a growing demand. We are pleased to advise that following extensive consultation, all relevant approvals have been granted to proceed to the construction phase. Construction is due to start January 2020

This development will use existing marina water space more effectively and will deliver the following benefits to the Westhaven Marina community:

  • Significantly improved utilisation of the water space, consolidating existing moorings with 50 new serviced berths. The design of berths will be based not only on current demand but will anticipate the future requirements
  • All long-term pile berth customers are expected to be accommodated in a reconfigured pile berth facility in the north-east corner of the marina.
  • Facilitate access for deep drafted boats to the northern entrance, the channel will be dredged to 3.7m.  

Causeway extension 

The causeway will be created by extending the existing northern reclamation using a process of mudcreting where dredged marine sediment is mixed with concrete before being used to construct the new land area. It will provide new public open space including trees, raingardens and a viewing platform, providing new perspectives of the Waitematā and seating and open areas for watching boat-races. 

Design of the headland

Auckland region’s Iwi have contributed their expertise and knowledge of the local area to the concept behind the design of the headland, which will be a new and special place to visit for all Aucklanders who want to enjoy the experience of visiting and connecting with the Waitemata Harbour, while also providing access to the new piers, and carparking facilities for berth holders. 

The Westhaven start tower will be located further down the causeway, enabling more open space for starting and finishing races.

ENtrance closure 

A key part of the project's first stage has now seen the closure of the smaller of Westhaven’s two entrances, the Western entrance. This will mean all vessels entering and exiting the precinct will use the one entrance.  

Studies show that the closure of the smaller secondary entrance to the marina will reduce sedimentation within the marina and will enable dredging of both fairways and berths to maintain access for deep drafted vessels, modern race yachts that make Westhaven home. Sedimentation that enters the marina via the upper harbour will decrease in the marina by an estimated 30%, representing significant savings in dredging costs for berth holders

The closure of the Western entrance will provide a calmer berthing environment and enable greater amenities and capacity for Westhaven Marina users, including the creation of additional 110 carparks


You are invited to read more about this project on page 39 of the 2013 Westhaven Plan document