Y-Pier Development

The first major development in over two decades for Auckland’s Westhaven Marina is now open. 


The publically owned facility is internationally recognised as one of the largest marinas in the southern hemisphere, highly valued for its quality facilities and a unique proximity to the CBD and to world class marine suppliers and service people.

As one of a number of projects in the pipeline to preserve this status, the Y Pier development sees another 66 berths added to the waterspace in the eastern part of the marina.

Berths on the new pier range from 14m to 20m in length in response to a growing demand to accommodate larger vessels and multi-hulls such as catamarans.

The $4 million project was delivered by a US headquarter based company, Bellingham Marine, and bought the addition of a fuel jetty, improved dinghy storage and new access to the pile moorings currently located in the north of the marina.

Design features in the new pontoon include a proven system for wave attenuation and two New Zealand firsts, a composite connection system to bind together the different parts of the pier itself and underwater lighting as the new pier becomes the eastern bookend for the marina facing the city.

Lighting is a notable addition and acknowledges that the marina is more than just a facility for boat owners but is also a visual asset for the city as a whole, and an integral part of Auckland’s identity as the City of Sails.


Once completed the new berths are expected to be monthly rentals to ensure flexibility and accessibility for boat owners.

Further design details:

  • The project consists of over 1710 square meters of new concrete pontoons which will be manufactured out of   Bellingham Marine’s plant in Otahuhu, Auckland.
  • Having completed product testing in the Middle East and in New Zealand Fibre Reinforced Polymer through rods with glass filled nylon nuts are to be used in the project offering a longer life span and reduced maintenance over time.
  • Unique to this project was the design brief from Waterfront Auckland that required consideration for sustainable product choice. The result is one that will see the introduction of a copper infused whaler system that removes the reliance on heavy metals contained in more traditional treatment.