Alcohol Ban

To ensure safety of people, vehicles, boats, and property, Westhaven Marina operates under an Auckland Council alcohol ban that is effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


It is illegal to consume alcohol throughout Westhaven Marina, unless you are within a licensed premises.

You also can't carry opened alcohol bottles, or consume alcohol, in Westhaven carparks, roads, green spaces, beaches, or while driving, although you can transport sealed bottles through the alcohol ban area, provided you do so promptly. 

For boat owners and crew, this means it's okay to transport unopened bottles from your car to your boat, for example, but take care not to consume alcohol, or to carry open bottles, when walking from your boat to a yacht club.  





The alcohol ban doesn't include boats, and restaurants and yacht clubs that are licensed premises operating as responsible hosts.  

The alcohol ban, highlighted in red in the map below, is part of a Auckland Council's alcohol ban for the central business area. Please refer to the Auckland Council website for full details.