Boatwork at your berth

Many maintenance projects are permitted on the Marina, but please ensure that noise, waste or fumes from your project does not impact other Marina users. It is also important that dust and waste from boatwork does not enter the environment.


Minor maintenance work that you can do at your berth includes:

  • Engine servicing/oil change
  • Cleaning bilges, but please dispose of bilge water and oil appropriately using water/ oil separators or absorbents to soak up oil hydrocarbons before pumping the bilge.
  • Boat cleaning or polishing
  • Air-conditioning repair or servicing
  • Electrical or plumbing repairs
  • Brush painting (only during calm weather conditions to a total area of less than 3m2).
  • External power sanding that is conducted with a suitable extraction device, or hand sanding, only on a small area of not more than 3m2 in total.

Please do:

  • Use drip and absorbency pads whenever you drain oil from sumps, and as a matter of seamanship and respect for the environment, please maintain your engine and keep your hull clean.
  • Oil filters can be disposed of at facilities located at the top of Piers B, D, H, L, M, P, S, T, and Z.
  • If you mark or stain the concrete pontoons, please call 0800 MARINAS asap so that remedial actions can take place while the product is still fresh. 

Please don’t:

  • Store materials on the walkway or fingers.
  • Allow material or substances created from repair or maintenance activities to enter the marine environment (including coolant, dust or shavings).
  • Cut or grind metal of any kind including stainless steel.
  • Dump large items of unwanted hardware in the rubbish bins.

If you exceed these guidelines, we may ask you to stop your work. We have a maintenance policy to assist you in understanding what maintenance activities can be conducted in the Marina. We hope that no damage occurs, but if it does, it will be your liability.