If you are cruising from Auckand you should be aware that some regions require that your boat's hull is free of marine pests, and that some marinas require proof of recent antifouling or cleaning. 


These measures are designed to help to control the potential spread of fanworm, a pest that has the potential to wreck these pristine environments.

In terms of providing proof of antifouling or cleaning you have two options - this is called the six or one rule: 

  • Provide evidence that your boat has been anti fouled in the last six months
  • Or alternatively, evidence that it’s been lifted and washed within one month 

If you keep your boat in good condition it’s most likely that your boat is clean, but you will need to remember to take evidence of this with you. This could be haul-out receipts or receipts of your paint purchase. It’s advisable to check in with the marinas you plan to visit to find out what proof they require. 

Even if you aren't using a marina, you are still required to arrive with a clean hull, and Northland Regional Council, for example, will have divers traveling around the region to randomly check boats.  

They ask you to double check niche areas on the boat, such as keel, bow thrusters, prop and rudders, because fanworm can be hidden, and be missed even by professional boat cleaners.

There are three steps that we recommend:

1. Keep receipts from haul outs and antifouling onboard your boat, and take photos of them with your phone camera as a back up 

2. Check in with the marinas and areas you plan to visit before you leave 

3. Plan your hull cleaning around your cruising itinerary to meet the 6 or 1 rule