Refuelling at Westhaven

For the sake of our clean marina, please don't refuel at your berth (except on a limited basis and with suitable containers). There are two fuel operators within the Westhaven precinct:


Gofuel, operated by Petroleum Logistics, is located on Y Pier, and offers both diesel and petrol. It features 150 lineal metres of pontoon space, six Diesel bowsers and two Petrol 91 pumps, and High and Low Flow options, it is the largest marine fuel facility in New Zealand.

Gofuel also provides a commercial filling facility (pictured below) at the end station. 

This self service facility accepts EFTPOS and credit cards, and users can apply for further discounted pricing via a Gofuel Mobil card.



The Orams Marine Village Fuel Depot on the eastern side of the marina is open all hours, provides self service or valet service, and accepts credit cards outside of business hours. 

At either facility, please read and follow the safety signage carefully, and report any spillage urgently to Westhaven staff on VHF 13 or 0800 MARINAS. 

Safe refuelling tips: 

  • Make sure your boat is securely tied to the pontoon
  • Switch off your engine and turn off your bilge pump 
  • Keep some absorbent material handy to mop up any spills that might occur
  • Estimate how much fuel you are likely to need before you start
  • Never leave the pump unattended