We have a team of dockmasters circulating the Marina day and night, and a comprehensive CCTV network on site. Westhaven Marina aims to provide secure, well serviced storage for your vessel, and just like at home, it's important that you play your part by keeping valuables such as outboards secure, your boat locked up tight, and being cautious about letting strangers onto the docks.  


About Swipe Tags  

Like many other marinas, Westhaven has shifted to a system of swipe tags, in order to provide greater security for the marina. 

PIN codes have been a practical solution for many years, but unfortunately the security risk is not suitable for today's environment, where marinas are targeted by thieves. 

Swipe cards are better controlled and harder to share widely - that means they help ensure better protection for your boat and property.  

  • Most beth holders will receive two swipe cards at no charge. 
  • For regular crew and other visitors, you will be able to purchase up to two cards from the Westhaven Marina office, for $30 each. 
  • We appreciate that some boats have many crew. Individual crew using the marina regularly can also contact the marina office and apply to purchase their own tag. Otherwise, you will need to let your crew in at the gate, and escort them down to your boat. 
  • Registered contractors will also receive cards. 
  • If you are renting your berth directly to a private renter, you will need to pass your tag on to that occupier yourself. However, if you are renting out your berth via our office, we will issue the tags to the occupier directly. 

Westhaven began issuing tags to the first piers in April 2015. Berth holders will be advised by email when their pier is ready for the changeover. As this is a new system we welcome feedback that will help us to improve this system for everyone using it. 



Security Tips

Please do not wedge the gate open and leave it unattended - this puts all boats on your pier at risk.

Be very careful who you let in and out of the gates - you are responsible for the people that enter the marina using your tag or PIN. 

It’s important that you protect your card or number carefully, and be careful about who you give it to. 

If you need to contact us at any time day or night, please ring (09) 360 5881, 0800 MARINAS (option 3), VHF Ch13.